Neurological Care

EMG Machine for testing nerve damage

Diagnostic services offered and/or directly interpreted by Dr. Herrera include:

Comprehensive neurological examination

EMG (electromyography) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCV/EMG). This is typically performed to determined the nature of various neurological symptoms including muscle weakness, numbness and pain. These symptoms may be associated with various neurological conditions such as nerve and muscle disorders, “pinched” nerves (radiculopathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica) and some other conditions. Recording electrodes are attached to your skin and a mild electrical stimulus is sent through your nerves and the responses are recorded. The second part of the test involves a small needle electrode, which is gently inserted into the muscle. The muscle will be tested at rest and tested as it contracts.

Diagnostic services are perform at Pines Neuro Care Dr. Herrera’s office in Pembroke Pines